On a Blog 3 Note

Me and mines got mad things we wanna do, and then some. It’s honestly a matter now of getting us all in the same room now.

(And Eloy, friend: here you go, friend; hit you on email as well)

Some things of us pitched las class:

  • interviews conducted by Eloy
  • a reading and then some by Tempie
  • just plain old school professorship by moi
  • Vincent TBA

but what we really need, I feel like, is a mission statement, or something. Like an agreed upon message we wanna metastasize like wild fire (to make y’all feel the heat thereof) re language politics and race. (And: shout out to Dr. Zamora for the jointz she shared; hella helpful.)

Between us, there’re mad experiences between us; real messed up ones, too. And enuff I feel for a presentation marathon if y’all can keep up! But more than “Yes, racism is alive and well,” or “Discriminating against a person for how they speak is still discrimination,” a stronger clarion is in order, IMO.

Because: and this’s how I see it: every minute folks go not kibitzing bout this stuff, the more hidebound English becomes when we don’t jam it w/ our so-called claptrap. The more the gap widens between standard and nonstandard speakers of English, for as Dr. Vay be noting: “I think code meshing will break down one of those last barriers of racism.”

So. A call to action as it relates to linguistic sensitivity and equality. Affording peeps they rights to represent themselves in they speech the way they want without being hated on or other deleterious effect is the uppercase “G” goal, I want to say. And I’m out.


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