Rage Against the Cream

And by no means I mean a diss by that, so you know.

And so you know: this what I’m talkin bout; and this, if ain’t lost you.

And on the real, too: Dre luh everyone. And by “luh” I mean big wet osculations, and bear hugs. Come here, You.

Also: check this out, by my soul brother Jimmie Baldwin. In it, he talk about how the American context make it so that whenever anybody put out some socially conscious piece of something that the very thing itself make it so that audiences feel they imbued with some type of virtuosity that absolve them from puttin in work work. And granted: while it cool folks out there making films bout the egregiousness of slavery or how women and gays be/have been slighted because they women, gay, it don’t make not a one of us better like that. Work don’t stop, won’t stop just cuz you punched your ticket, i.e., closed a book, completed a film, listened to some activistic entreaty–there’s always tomorrow, or “mañana” if you Spanish. “Demain” if you French. And Friday if today is in fact Thursday for you, too.

And I think we doing some real good things in this class that folks need to hear. Just how we disseminate all of our work to folks out here who need to hear it–can’t stop, won’t stop.


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