The Swan Song Joint–and imma mish y’all.

Sound like yourself. The writing style which is most natural to you is bound to echo the speech you heard when a child. – Kurt Vonnegut

I been broached the bag and let the cat out on language discrimination as it pertains to race and ethnicity in the construction of rhetorical products for either your listening or reading pleasure, baby. This post the pick of the litter, though.

From jumpstreet y’all seen me go in on folks out here hatin on other folks for how they talk, for not speaking “right,” or advocating the adoption of a standard language ideology (SLI) for the sake of being taken seriously.

I hit y’all wit facts on how implicit racial biases function in interpretations of rhetoric, whether “good” or “bad,” to make salient disparities in what folks consider acceptable and not.

My disdain for the code switchin interface was the epicenter of one post where I equate it to skin bleachin.

Y’all met my main man Dr. Vay, Dr Vershawn Young, who up in Canada, who was actually the one in the first place to put me on to all this scholarship dealin wit languages and SLI and implicit ideological biases when it come to how folks represent they-selves through they rhetoric. A gajillion thanks are in order just so you know. I’m on it.

And for the MOOC, I did a bite on how multiculturalism is a reductive term for how we sprinkle differences (but we frontin’!) without any advocacy for accepting differences, and introduced y’all to my thesis, “‘With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility’–and so I can’t keep quiet about Brian Micheal Bendis’ Spider-Man”.

So rather than mount another soapbox in a philippic I’m going to feel some kind of way about at the end of the day, I’ve curated videos as illustrations to demonstrate just how nonsensical our efforts in bifurcating and/or compartmentalizing our identities really is. I’m an agent of chaos in rhetoric, I feel like. I want folks to feel invited (and empowered!) to talk how they wanna talk sans paranoia about how they’re either being received or going to.

The following video is a promo bit featuring my good homie Dr. Vershawn Young (Dr. Vay), who a proponent of code meshin (and coiner of the term!) as a viable linguistic variant with which to endow folks.

To begin: Selective hearing is a thing but this is different, I feel like. It might be re-writing history, or something. How is it that people can off the bat misinterpret people? do you think that’s the case? does/can race have something to do with it?

Next two clips of Obama imaginably just being Obama. What you think is the point of these clips that they’d be isolated and set down into the social arena for us to find like this? what does that say about our values, if anything? is that OK? Thoughts.

Next clip a sketch from SNL called “Black Jeopardy”. The popular gameshow Jeopardy is reimagined as something unlike its original decorum. Pay attention to the categories and the answers the contestants give and are rewarded for. Can you think of any black gameshows? of them, how “black” are they? is that controversial, you think? Measuring to what extent a thing is a thing? Your thoughts.

Here go Key & Peele, y’all. This scenario feature the brothers switchin up they speech in front of one another. And while it’s conceivable to believe people would switch from a presumably “bad” dialect to a “good” one they’re going to get respect for, can it be the other way around? Why do you think they’d do this? And: what else? Thoughts.

Finally, a bit of Thug Notes by Sparky Sweets, PhD. As it say, “the channel where you’ll learn your ass off.” This meant to demonstrate how a nonstandard variant of English, particularly Black English, get the job done in rendering a summary and response; peep game.


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